Odyssey Diode Laser


Treatment of Soft Tissue Lesions

Treating soft tissue lesions with the Odyssey Diode Laser not only is a welcomed benefit for your patients, it helps desensitize the area, promotes the fast healing of the tissue and diminishes patient discomfort.

Adjunctive Periodontal Therapy

Soft Tissue Curettage

The Odyssey Diode Laser can be an extremely effective tool in the management of periodontal disease. Coupled with the lasers ability to reduce bacteria and effectively remove pocket lining epithelium and granulation tissue, the Odyssey Diode Laser can serve as an effective modality in the adjunctive treatment of periodontal disease.

The purpose of this procedure is to remove diseased or inflamed soft tissue in the periodontal pocket and to improve the clinical indices including gingival bleeding, probing depths, attachment loss and tooth mobility. The laser procedure is intended to be an adjunctive treatment to conventional scaling and root plainning not a replacement or substitution.

Orthodontic Procedures

The Odyssey Diode Laser can serve to expedite orthodontic treatment through a number of soft tissue procedures. Often Orthodontic treatment may be delayed or compromised due to target teeth being slow to erupt from the soft tissue or delayed passive eruption. The use of the Odyssey Diode Laser to expose surfaces of unerupted or partially erupted teeth can assist and accelerate the complete orthodontic treatment.

Frenum Release

The Odyssey Diode Laser now enables you to easily and safely perform many soft tissue procedures that were previously referred out of your practice, now allowing you to keep control of your patients and increase revenue. Many doctors fear the potential of patient post-operative complications and patient discomfort associated with scalpel incisions. The Odyssey Diode Laser cuts and coagulates at the same time, thereby facilitating immediate hemostasis, less tissue charring, less postoperative healing time and fewer post-operative complications including less chance of infection. Sutures are rarely needed for laser wounds and many soft tissue procedures around the gingiva can be completed without anesthesia for greater patient acceptance and comfort.

Frenum release procedures previously required sutures, post operative discomfort and complications, several post operatory visits. With the Odyssey it is a simple, clean and non traumatic procedure.

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